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Name: Dj song
Text: Chamak chamak kude nach
Since: 23.02. 07:25:02am

Name: Ajay chaudhary
Text: Wel-come
Since: 22.02. 13:00:50pm

Name: Dj
Text: कूडलिक बाबाकी
Since: 18.02. 09:19:30am

Name: sumit
Text: Sumit pic up the fone
Since: 7.02. 13:46:20pm

Name: subhash verma
Text: mr. subhash verma please phone uthaiye
Since: 3.02. 18:20:48pm

Name: webmastar
Text: কালার টা ফালতু i hat website wapka best php
Since: 2.02. 21:15:38pm

Name: Pradip
Text: dd dj exclusive raje
Since: 1.02. 08:28:05am

Name: mr kolte name ringto
Text: parmeshvar
Since: 1.02. 08:15:49am

Name: suraj chowdhury
Text: Suraj please picap thi phone

Since: 30.01. 11:07:15am

Name: Tinku bahadur
Text: Mero dil ma timi lai aaoso
Since: 30.01. 10:59:28am

Name: Anju
Text: hello good morning
Since: 26.01. 07:53:30am

Name: Rakesh jee
Text: Good morning rakesh jee..
Since: 26.01. 04:47:08am

Since: 25.01. 17:06:00pm

Text: Jay ShRi RAM.....

JaY HiNDu.......

Since: 20.01. 00:24:54am

Name: p
Text: P
Since: 17.01. 14:25:53pm

Name: sameerkhan
Text: teri yaado se
Since: 17.01. 07:31:07am

Name: shahzad mehb00b
Text: ¡ Luv my pak'
Since: 15.01. 19:10:25pm

Name: Shahzad
Text: Ver good
Since: 15.01. 19:08:33pm

Name: Sonu dhakad
Text: Toon
Since: 15.01. 17:27:20pm

Name: Sagnik
Text: Very very good website!!!
Since: 15.01. 01:10:13am

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